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Since we may be moving by the end of the year, I’ve been going from room to room writing down what we need to do either to fix something or improve it. We haven’t done any painting at all which is disappointing but considering we have a handful of minor repairs to be done, I’m okay with that and it’s probably good since we would have to do touch up painting anyway!

Our kitchen is still in very good shape. We have a large kitchen with a lot of counter and cupboard space and a good layout. There is a very small notch in the counter in one area as well as the sealing needs to be redone, but overall that is all we need to do. We debate replacing the dishwasher because it seems that unless you practically wash the item before you put it in, it doesn’t get clean and we had a great dishwasher at our previous house. We really wanted to replace the sink and counters – we put in a granite countertop and stainless steel sink in our other home and wow it is beautiful. I didn’t realize that a granite sink could have been installed! That would have been cool as it would have all just melted together into one smooth looking surface.

Check out the site if you are remodeling your kitchen, they offer free ground shipping on orders in the continental US. Be sure to double check your measurements – we did the initial measurements ourselves when we installed the counters and redid them again. Once the guys came out to do the official measuring they were impressed that we were only off by less then an inch all the way around! I’d love to redo my kitchen at the other house – really we just need new counters. Maybe we’ll be able to get them if we get the chance to move back.

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