Around the House: Bathrooms

On to the bathrooms! We have three bathrooms to worry about. And each of them need something! In one the kids tore down the towel bar next to the sink. I’m okay with that because they basically tore the screws straight out of the wall and I wanted to put a round towel hanger up. I may put two up as it is a full bathroom. I wonder if the other bathrooms should (or are ‘supposed’ to) match? The master bath has a bar hanger while the downstairs one has a round, so I think I may remove the bars and replace them.

The downstairs bathroom also has a toilet holder that needs to be replaced. I’m not surprised we have such issues in these rooms as nothing seems to be screwed into studs. It’s annoying and makes me want to call our builder, but of course I won’t.

Other then the minor things and paint the bathrooms are in great condition. My husband wants different toilets but that’s an expense I don’t want to invest into right now. Otherwise the fixtures and sinks look great. I think we need to do a touch more decorating (I saw a picture of one house with a large candle holder above the tub – it works because there isn’t a shower there) and we’ll be fine in there.

I don’t like that every room in the house needs something, I’d like a new house to hold up a lot better then this one has.

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