Around the House: Living Room

We have a house that has a living room, dining room and a family room – and I guess the reason I point it out (and it is still odd to me) is because they are all carpeted and it isn’t what we are typically used to. When you walk into the house the living room is first, really I liken it to a sitting area, then the dining room, then a large opening in the wall leads to the large family room. The family room is next to the kitchen.

So when I say living room, I mean what is technically the family room. We need paint and two window shades – and that’s it! The carpet has held up well and there isn’t any damage to the walls. We have curtains hung up over one window but it needs blinds and the door that goes outside never got a covering either. I think we are going to buy one rooms worth of blinds every month until we move – then it won’t be a big expense all at once and it’ll get done in a timely manner.

Just because I said that, watch, I’ll go and find that the ones I want are being discontinued.

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