House Next Door Sold

So we are really getting new neighbors now. Last week a couple about our age (late twenties) were next door loading pergo from the garage back into their car. I walked over and said hi and it turns out they are the new buyers. We talked for a few minutes about the house and they say they got a good deal because of the extensive cosmetic work they will have to do – they are planning on painting every room, replacing all the flooring, buying new appliances as well as ceiling fans. Something happened and their closing date got moved back I believe a couple of weeks.

I was surprised as the girl said her Dad helped the old neighbor take everything out of the place and move. I don’t think I would be moving into a place my Dad helped take everything out of. Is that odd or is that just me?

They did say they were going to put up a fence and as our house is larger then theirs they talked about how far up the fence would go. I hope it doesn’t go past our window as if we put a fence up, we wouldn’t go that far. I don’t want to look out that window and see a fence – then again I just glanced and I’m pretty sure our windows match up so obviously they won’t go up that far!

I believe she is pregnant – always exciting – and I hope they are nice people. We didn’t talk for too long.

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