Bonus Time 2 – Paying Bills

Okay, so after having the bonus for more then 24 hours, I felt okay to start paying bills. It’s always unsatisfying to have the money immediately leave the account – but I’m getting over that.

Bills Paid:

2nd Mortgage, extra groceries, yearly exterminator, cat neuter, cat meds, two credit card payments, remainder of super high electricity bill (we’ve been working magic with our bills lately – hence having to pay some of the mortgage and the rest of the elec w/ the bonus, not a good thing!) and stove work for our other house.
We paid off ONE credit card! Yay!!!

I also purchased some business supplies and those will be recouped as I have a seasonal business and should start getting orders this week.

UPDATE: After paying everything – including paying off the one credit card! – we have $325 left. That is okay with me because like I said, we paid off a credit card! I am going to pay half of the Target card and we will have even less left. Big deal, this bonus is just that, a bonus, not what we live on. We are lucky to get it and be able to make all of these huge payments!

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