Bonus Time

Well, our bonus arrived overnight. We have approximately $4000 now. Of course I would like to restock our sad looking pantry and we have an exterminator bill we have to pay or they will double it. Funny how all of a sudden bills come up when you are expecting money. We were hoping to pay at least $3300 to the debt, with $1000 going to an emergency savings – back when we thought we were getting $4300. We ended up getting $4500, but like I said, a few bills.

I haven’t paid anything on the credit cards with the money yet – odd for me because I usually pay two weeks worth of bills the day we get paid. Then I know what is left immediately (via the Money program).

I’m waiting for the hubs to get home from work so we can figure what to pay on what. Can you tell I’m nervous about it? I shouldn’t be, but we decided a couple of months ago what to spend the bonus on. And then last week he changed his mind. And the hubs is the kind of person who will not budge for anything. Which is frustrating to say the least!

Okay, well updates soon as to what we pay off.

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