I’ve been having a hard time staying away from temptation lately. I have what I call a stock of workbooks and curriculum ideas for the kids for homeschooling. I did get them all on sale or clearance but nonetheless, it’s enough to last us.

That doesn’t stop me from browsing Amazon for new books or looking at the books I have in my wish list. There are a few math books I’d like to get because they aren’t just straight math problems they incorporate other topics. One of my favorites is a quilting math book, I really really really want to get it.

But I really love the look of my savings and checking account. It’s slowly growing and I am so excited. We rarely have savings – when we get a bonus, tax return or extra money from something, it usually ends up spent or to the credit cards. The savings is something I just don’t want to touch. So I’ve been back and forth at amazon a lot the past few days, but I haven’t bought anything.

Remember the list I made for the bonus money? I still haven’t bought all of the items on the list but that’s okay with me because I’m not finding the items for the price I’m willing to pay or I’m not finding exactly what I am looking for. I’ve added that money to our savings and if I find my item, I’ll transfer the money. But for now, we have a savings and it is growing.

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