Check Your Receipts

In less then 24 hours I’ve had two great reminders to check my receipts! Yesterday we bought frames and a couple of put it together yourself cube storage units. The storage unites were on sale and the frame would get to be on sale with the help of a coupon I had. We knew about how much the total should be and couldn’t figure out where the extra $25 or so came from, we didn’t get off the store property before I realized the storage units were rang up full price and the coupon applied to one of them, thus making the frame full price. I fixed the problem immediately, and walked out with my refund.

I always read the Sunday ads, even if I don’t need or want anything, just to see what is on sale when since the sales usually go in cycles. Today the ad showed the coffee table and side table on sale for $50 less then I paid – and I have until tomorrow to take my receipt in to get the price difference. I always save receipts and this proves why this is a good idea. If I had thrown away the coffee table receipt I would have thrown away $50!

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