Spending Their Allowance

The Bee Movie comes out this weekend, today actually. My daughter has been keeping track of today on her calendar (it looks really cute, she drew a bee on today’s square) because she really wants to go see it.

My question is what do the kids allowances pay for? Should I have them pay their own way into the movie? Or for the treats once we get inside (it is pricey but we always buy a drink and a popcorn to share – plus they are refillable so we refill at least once)? I admit it’s confusing for me to decide.

On our shopping trips they are not asking for something every time we go out, at the grocery store (usually Costco) they are allowed to have one ‘treat’ – usually they pick fruit gummy snacks. When we go to Target they look in the dollar section, I know the items are not well made so I encourage them to not buy something (or not ask for something) because the quality is bad.

So what does an allowance buy?

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