Organizing Equals Saving Money

I am an avid crafter and homeschooling Mom so you can imagine what we have in the craft room. It is a combo craft room, office, homeschool storage area. It’s the smallest bedroom in our house, which is still just a standard bedroom so it’s a decent size.

The room is always a mess. It is organized but not in a way that works well for the space, so it ends up messy. I joined a month long organizing challenge and took the pictures the other day. Today I started taking things out of the room that don’t belong here. When we painted we moved all the books into the room and a few weeks later, they were still in here. They were the first thing I put away. That cleared up a large portion of the floor!

I’m going to work around the room and continue to take things out that don’t belong. I’ve done a fairly good job of that already so I don’t think there is much that needs to be out. The next step is going to be rearranging the furniture so it works better in the room.

I didn’t take too long to put the books back – I didn’t separate them like I usually do – but I noticed two different books that I have doubles of. Just one way to save money – keeping things together helps me realize I have them and thus don’t have to buy another. I have a lot of homeschooling resources but I know I don’t have doubles of any of them.

Oh and I did find a bookstore that takes trade ins, I think it is for trade in and not cash, but that works for me!

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One Response to “Organizing Equals Saving Money”

  1. Tammy Says:

    When things are cluttered, it’s natural to end up with duplicates even dozens of the same thing through out the house. It’s when we start decluttering and organizing what we have that we realize we have spent money to buy things we already had plenty of. Even organizing cupboards or pantries reveal several containers of the same thing…

    It’s very cool you found a bookstore that takes trade ins especially since you homeschool. Tam