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I was so glad a few weeks ago when my morning sickness went away. I feel great and my energy came back as well as the want to eat again. Now the sleep issues are starting. For the past few days I’ve been waking up sore and feeling uncomfortable. I’m sure part of it is our bed – I know they should last ten years or so and we’ve had ours for about seven so far. Part of me wants to stick it out, maybe put a thick comforter on top of it to help make it more comfortable or such. The other part of me wants to rush out and find a great sale and buy a new bed.

Of course along with the bed goes the pillows. I have to have a certain kind of pillow and if I don’t have it, if the kids took it or something, then my night can be wrecked. It is worse when I am pregnant, I feel the need to be surrounded by pillows – under my head, behind my back, I sleep with one leg pulled up toward me and I like a pillow under my knee.

If you go to the Mediflow Website you can find a promotion code for a rebate coupon to purchase a Mediflow pillow at any JC Penney store (or online) or at Target.com. This pillow sounds wonderful! It has a base of water and a polyester layer above. You can fill the water to the level that is most comfortable to you, making it soft, medium or firm. That sounds perfect for a pregnant girl.

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