Around the House: Bedrooms

Luckily for us, all we have to do in the bedrooms is possibly purchase and hang blinds. We are using curtains now and they work well for us, but every other house on our street has blinds and should we rent the house, we need to leave something for the renters. The same goes for if we sell, shouldn’t we leave blinds? Plus I’m sure that is a better selling/renting point.

We are going to paint the kids bedrooms either this month or next, I need to get the fans out and make sure they are functioning and clean so we can use them to help keep the room ventilated since I am pregnant. My husband is very busy at work and a lot of the fixing up around the house is going to land on my shoulders. We are going to start the painting in my daughter’s room, move to my sons and then ours. We are going to go with neutral colors, maybe a tan for her room and something just as light in his.

The bedrooms have stayed in good shape -we don’t have nail pops that we have in other areas of our home and the baseboards are still attached to the wall (whereas in other rooms it is starting to come apart from the wall).

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