Paperwork In Order

The beginning of the year is one when we spend time getting our paperwork in order. It just happened that our car insurance, vehicle registration and both house insurance policies are up for renewal in either December or January. This month it’s the registration and one house policy. I’ve already paid for the registration but need to call our insurance agency back.

Do you check on the renewals every time they are due? Do you call around to check prices and compare? I do it every time. With car insurance it is easy because there are websites out there that offer online quotes. We have been lucky to have had the best rate with our current insurance company, but we very open to switching should something else come up.

Check out this car insurance company online. When you click to request a quote there is a whole list of things you should confirm such as your age, where you live, the type of insurance you need, and insurance questions such as if you have any claims. That would save time for someone looking for a particular type of insurance. I did fine it a big amusing that one of the assumptions is that you are not a professional sports person, actor, actress, model, etc. I suppose they would need to pay for for various reasons and maybe the company couldn’t cover them.

Overall the site is easy to navigate though keep in mind it is only for insurance if you are in the UK.

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