DIY List of Tools

Over at Get Rich Slowly, a great article about DIY related to your home has been posted. He has the 15 tools every homeowner should own. I’m happy to say that we own all but two of them. I actually have doubles of a few of them – and I think even three circular saws. That’s the product of a Father who loves pawn shops and my DH not knowing exactly what to buy. LOL Some of the comments at JDs also point out items like a level, ladder and a caulk gun. We don’t have a ladder but have honestly not had a need for one yet. Well this year we have since our house is a two story, but we don’t have gutters, so I suppose there is not real pressing need.

We really want to learn how to build more of our own things. A friend down the street has made quite a few things for his house and I admit they are very nice. We don’t have a few things that I look at as essentials which are a table saw and possibly a band saw. Of course, those would be essentials to someone wanting to build more then one or two items, as they are pricey and large.

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