My (bad) spending habits

Starting in February, I’m going to be out of the house at least three days a week. We already have gymnastics so adding another day for errands isn’t that big of a deal.

But on Monday I somehow convinced myself that I *had* to have a Griffin Roadtrip for my iPod for the car since I will be driving around so much. Seriously convinced. So much so that I checked prices on, and called the Target store closest to me. I was almost late for an appointment so I decided to swing by Target after the appointment and buy one.

The Target I called quoted me $49 ~ I jumped at that because even on Amazon, the cheapest is $54. But I stopped at a different Target (closer to my appointment) where the one Roadtrip they had, was missing a piece so you could use it with a Nano. Big deal, I have the video iPod. I asked for a discount (remember to always ask!) and he said sure, 10% off. Then he tells me it is $89. I said thanks but no thanks and left the store.

Let me repeat that – I left Target without buying anything. I should have written it down that day because that is amazing for me.

I thought about how I had convinced myself that I needed this for my car. Why now when I’ve had the video ipod for almost a year? Why now when before when I’ve looked at them, I said I don’t need one.

So rather then stopping at the other Target closer to my house, I came straight home. I was happy to discover that since it was still nice outside, the neighbor kids were outside riding scooters and bikes, so we stayed outside rather then me getting on the computer first thing and looking again.

So it was hard, but I didn’t buy it. And I’ve lost the “I need to buy it now feeling” which is of course, good. I do still want it, I get tired of the radio and commercials and bad music. I’d much rather listen to my favorite podcasts. So I am adding up the money from my business and allowing myself to buy on at the end of the month. Two more weeks isn’t anything.

And now I know to buy it online vs. in the store.

(I’ve always been a really bad impulsive shopper and in the past few years have really worked hard at changing – this was just one link in the long and growing chain.)

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