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Since we are going to move out of this house at some point, we don’t want to have to put in a lot of permanent fixtures to any of the rooms. On one hand you want your home to hold all of your things – we don’t have enough storage set up here – but on the other you have to realize you may not get all that you put into it back (dollar wise). At the old house we had wooden and metal shelving in the garage – here, since the home is new, we didn’t have either. At the old house we built a workbench, here we could but don’t have the same sort of access to building materials as we did there. One idea is to buy a workbench. I’d like a wooden one. I think the steel ones are nice but we wouldn’t need one for anything really heavy. I’d love to have a wall of shelving and then a bench on the other wall. A wooden bench with some storage on each side, and maybe a couple of drawers would be perfect.

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