Moms and gardening

My Mom has been visiting for the past week and wow the amount of gardening we have done! I was very worried because lately I’ve been thinking I would like to sell the house when we move (we’ve talked about renting it out) and I’m just not a gardener. So our curb appeal was very lacking.

But Mom, a few shopping trips to buy flowers and bark, and chairs that we had in the garage and bam – a whole new outside! The front is cleaned up and it is a spot one would like to sit now. The back has lots of flowers and the porch is definitely a lot more appealing. The dirt here has a lot of clay and slate in it so digging it up deep enough for a few of the plants was a bit of hard work.

I’m figuring that maintenance will be easy since we did so much work this time. All of the flowers were gifts from my Mom (early birthday present) and I sort of wonder if the value of the house would go up a little bit because of the work we did.

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