Loving Costco

If it is possible, I think we love Costco more living here then we did in WA. We went a month ago and two weeks later still had quite a bit leftover. We also bought Kirkland brand white tshirts and a box of candy for a friend to send in a care package. Of course, pregnant girl cravings got to me and since my husband doesn’t want to send an opened box, we need to buy another box for our friend.

We went back about a week ago and bought more food – different then what we already had so our pantry ended up full. We’ve discovered that Costco has just as good of veggies as our favorite grocery store though of course the quantity is much larger. But the quality definitely makes up for how much you are buying and it’s so great to have fresh veggies last longer then a week! In our experience we used to buy enough veggies to just last a week because otherwise they would go bad – Costco veggies are not going bad in this house! And we have them longer then a week. It is great.

This week my husband starts a new shift at work and our stocking up at Costco will definitely pay off. He is going to be working 12 hour days, which means 14 hour days for him because of the commute, and is going to have to take enough food to not end up starving at the end of the day. There is a Subway at work and my goal is for him to take enough food to avoid that place. We’ve had the fridge fairly full just do to having leftovers – I’m chalking that up to shopping at Costco as well because otherwise we never have leftovers!

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