Baby Showers

I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that I really want a baby shower. A friend of mine offered the other day and I was so excited when she did! She is the same friend who gave me her bassinet. Before the shower (tentatively set for early November) I’ll be sure to go through the things I do have. I even feel like registering this time! I registered the first time I was pregnant too but we were the only people who bought anything off of it – it was more to help me keep track.

I found these cute baby shower decorating themes and really love the Red Flyer Red Wagon Baby Shower kit.

I like the kits that are gender neutral or all about the Mom – hey why not, the rest of your life will be about your baby! I think showers should be a celebration of both Mom and baby – Mom has worked hard all of those months! I love that the kits available have everything you need – the invitations, plates, napkins, cups, plasticware and even decorations such as ribbon, streamers, confetti and balloons. That makes it so much easier – throwing a party can be tough with you running around town trying to find decorations.

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