Great Neighbors

Just as I am complaining about the neighbors dogs barking like mad every time they are outside, my neighbor on the other side of us is mowing their – and our! – lawn. For the past few months we’ve all been sharing lawn mowing. My husband has been trying to fit in working out whenever or wherever he can. He started mowing our lawn and two neighbors lawns. He stopped mowing one neighbor because the guy never said thanks or offered to help us with something – the not helping doesn’t bother me at all, but at least say thank you.

But it’s kept up with our neighbors next to us. If they mow before we do, they will get our front and side yard at the same time they are doing theirs. We kind of stopped doing the backyards because they have a dog and we usually have toys out there. But the side and front yard help goes a long way.  Especially today when my husband is sleeping all day (night shift anyone?) and my back is tweaked.

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