Faucet Pics

One of the plumbing issues was the replacement of a bathroom faucet. We bought a Moen faucet a few months ago, I did it over the phone and my renter just went to pick it up. She did send me pictures once it was done (we won’t talk about how the sink and counter clash with a nice new faucet!). I was glad to be able to buy over the phone, when I tried it other times I was never able to. After the fact I realized how backwards I went – I am someone who does a lot of online shopping. Why would I stop at home improvement stuff and do it over the phone rather than searching online? I usually comparison shop online but searching for the faucet had us going to the various stores, writing down brand names, item numbers, prices and more. Then we would think about what we wanted and narrow the big list down. It is always easier to shop online! Check out the Moen faucet site if you are in the market for new bathroom or kitchen fixtures!

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