Eating Buffet Style

Straying from all my military moving talk, I wonder if people who eat at a buffet restaurant tend to eat more because they feel like they need to ‘get their money’s worth’ (said by my husband) or if they eat more because it is all right there. Buffets typically are not very expensive and I’m sure the food is not expensive to purchase and prepare either.

We went to a pizza buffet tonight with friends, the food was okay though I know I’ve eaten enough bread to last a week or two. But my husband, who eats like a starving teenager (and still has the metabolism), always has this crazy laugh and says he’s going to get his money’s worth and proceeds to eat a lot. He always does this when we eat at buffets. Me, I eat slowly and when I’m full, I stop.

The cost was about $35 to feed four adult and four kids – a little more then $4 each. It’s true that $4 won’t buy you a lot at very many restaurants but I am always amazed to see people in buffet places going back for thirds or even fourths.

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