Car Problems

Just one reason to be happy about having an emergency account – unexpected things happen at unexpected times.

Not only are we getting ready for a move, preparing the house to rent out and everything that goes with these two things – yesterday we started having car problems. We were driving down the interstate and the four tachometers we have started going wacky and a couple of lights came on. We pulled over, turned the car off, sat there for a bit and then started it back up. Nothing unusual happened so we kept going (we were meeting friends at the park and of course this is the one time we didn’t take a cell phone with us!). Once we got into the park the same thing happened, but the car was still running fine.

We figure electrical problem but it is a weekend and a holiday weekend at that, so we can’t get it looked at right away. A quick call to my brother who suggests a couple of auto supply stores that do diagnostics for free and I’ve got some phone call to make tomorrow. Of course it is a holiday weekend but these days that merely means it’s a great time for a sale.

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that this is nothing big.

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