Before Moving – Renting

We have to rent our house out because the market is not that great. Other homes in our area have sat for months before selling, dropping their prices lower and lower as time goes on. We don’t want to lose money by having the house sit empty for months and by having to sell at just about an even price to what we paid.

Our solution is to rent. We have a property manager and he has all of our information minus pictures ready to list. I have told a few friends we are moving and to feel free to put the word out if anyone is looking for a place. We are in a nice area and I’m hoping we can find a renter soon.

I talked to a friend who also rents and she said they do a welcome packet for their renters ~ it’s a great idea and one I am going to use. We plan on having a variety of items for them when they move in, and should we have new renters as time goes on, we will continue to give the same welcome pack.

In the welcome pack we will have dish soap (both for the dishwasher and for hand washing), trash bags, notes about the house (if there is anything we need to note), notes about the HOA rules, a water filter for the fridge and air filters. I am also going to write a list of the utility companies we use, numbers associated with them, and a map of the area. I’m not sure how fast maps are updated, but when we moved here our neighborhood was not on any of them. I know it is now but it would be nice to have had a map of where we were related to where we wanted to go ie grocery stores or into town to shop.

I also plan on calling the utility companies to say we are moving but still owning the house. When we did this before they kept our name on file as the owners. One more thing to add to my to do list!

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