We are doing it right!

DH and I have learned a lot in the short amount of time we have been together. And over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is posted “Money’s 25 Rules to grow rich by” ~ check it out.

It’s a great list. We have made some mistakes but we are mostly doing everything right – okay, right, according to that list. LOL

Granted, we stopped saving a couple of months ago, and our mortgage is for more then the 28% of our income. But when we did work on our last house, it was upgrading the bathroom first. And we refi’ed once when the % dropped by one (maybe it was one and a half).

Hhmm, I’m going to leave the link because it’s a good list – but really, we should be doing more then the few we are doing. At least we are on the right track. :)

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