Meal Planning Take One

Meal planning is going well so far.

I like cooking but sometimes I feel like it takes a long time. I usually will have a tv show on so I can catch up (I dvr whatever shows I watch, I don’t watch commercials anymore LOL) and the kids wanting to help out.

I know there are things I can do in advance of cooking – preparing the veggies, making sure the meat is defrosted, etc. – and some people say to get your stuff ready the day you do your shopping. But ugh, that seems to take even longer and I’m just not motivated on that day.

But we’ve been doing a little each day this week.

We had fajitas the night before last and DH cut and prepared the meat the night before so it could marinate. Then I used the crock pot yesterday. We are having spag and meatballs tonight and I think I’m going to get the meatballs ready this afternoon, rather then start not long before dinner should be ready. I would like to make up a huge batch of meatballs and freeze them – but not today. Maybe this weekend.

I’ve been watching what I eat in an attempt to lose weight and get healthier. I’ve been working out and just this week added slim fast. The powder shakes are much better then the can stuff and the past couple of days are going well.

Even with writing down our meals we are stuck with the same ones. I am going to look into a meal planning service or a website that offers weekly recipes to jump start us getting a variety.

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