Changing My Thinking

And my husbands.

I found another financial person. I really doubt we will go with her plan, but it is interesting to read and learn more.
Over at Get Rich Slowly he recently reviewed one of her books, The Millionaire Maker.

I signed up for one of her free teleseminars and then got a call (like a commenter at GRS) and ended up talking to one of her trained professional people for over an hour, more like and hour and a half.

In the end he said he would like us to do the coaching and one of the real estate packages. It is a lot of money, he said $9000 and his numbers may have come from something else because I was thinking it was $5000.

Needless to say, we won’t be doing the coaching. The real estate package she offers is tempting – which it is meant to be, right?

But I would have to change my thinking – and change my husbands thinking. We are in the pay off debt mode. We have a plan. We visit that plan at least monthly, sometimes more, and we are sticking to that plan.

We will have no credit card debt soon, and no car payment in less then a year. Then we planned on hitting the smaller mortgages that we have.

It is completely scary to take out equity in your home and use it to buy more real estate. I am like the commenter I linked to – what if we couldn’t find renters. What if the renters trashed the house? I think our income level is not the type Loral and the Live Out Loud team work with. I was sent links to other teleseminars to listen to and one couple had a combined income of $350,000. Um, take away the 3 and that’s what we have. Yeah, nowhere near anything.

And so I think – what now? The person I talked to had great ideas. I am still excited about what he said and we scheduled another call for my husband and I to both talk to him.

I just think I can’t change my thinking – not now, not yet. I’m not sure I will be able to. Risk is scary and we can’t risk something as serious as a home because then what?

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