Annoying to pay someone else

I mentioned in my diy vs pay someone else post that it was annoying to pay a couple of the people that we had in our “we paid people to do this” column.

You have no idea just how annoying it was!

The guys we paid to do the carpet? Oh my gosh that was rough. Mind you we pulled the carpet, and the padding. We cleaned up the floor underneath – which was concrete! We scrapped that until it was just a bare floor! That was hard work!

Then the installers get here. Two guys driving a van with carpet in the back. We had two rooms to carpet – the master bedroom and the downstairs living room and hallway. To me, it seemed easy. I mean, I’ve laid carpet before (before I was married) and know what to do. But we were in a time crunch and just didn’t have the time to do it.

Anyway, the installers show up. They are grouchy, well one of the guys is. The one guy starts telling us how smart his son is (?), how he’s this old but reads at this grade level, doesn’t talk about the carpet at all. Then I noticed I didn’t move a bookcase at the end of the hall. The floor was bare under it, but I just didn’t move it back into the bedroom as planned. The guy flipped out. He got so mad I was just confused as to what was going on!

He left – and I thought he was going to get something from the van. Until I realized the van was gone. Then the phone call from the warehouse comes in and the guy who sold us the carpet calls, very confused. He said the installer came back, dumped the carpet, said we were “not ready at all, furniture is everywhere” and left. I was upset and questioning why the guy was so mad.

In the end new people came to do the installation. They were nice enough though a sarcastic comment was made when they first arrived. Looking back on it, I would have handled it a lot differently. I would have demanded either my money back (or a partial refund) or cheaper installation (which wasn’t that expensive to begin with actually). After it was all said and done, my husband says the original installer who was so upset kept talking to him about his house and how great it was.

Paying the plumber was annoying merely because he took all of seven minutes to fix what I had done wrong. But it got fixed and that was that!

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