A Loss In Income

Though we are coming to the point where we should be getting pay raises (by we I mean my DH’s job), we are actually at a point where we may take a paycut.

See the military pays different based on what job you are doing at that time. My DH is currently a teacher, for which he gets a selection of pay. We didn’t lose any money taking that teaching job because the teaching pay took over the pay that we did lose. So we didn’t make more either.

And now he is looking into a different teaching job – but it will take away the teaching pay he is getting now.

Of course the military also pays based on your years in the service and at the end of this year, we are due for a raise. Plus we get the little yearly raise Congress affords us (this year I think it is 2.3%).

Once all of the raises kick in and the money is lost, we will about $50 less then what we make right now. Which isn’t that bad, we can make it on that. But it would be nice to get to have that raise. We have had one raise due to rising in rank this year and have been able to pay on debt and such.

I’m crossing my fingers that the pay doesn’t get taken away, but crossing my fingers really isn’t what makes the rules around here.

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