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We have a neighbor down the street who works for a lawn care company. He’s a great guy, really a friend of neighbors we have become friends with. Last weekend he came over and did a weed/feed treatment for us, for free! Well actually his payment is dinner when he is available.

A great way to lower your bills is to (of course) DIY but also barter with someone you know. We have a HOA meeting next month and I hope to be able to ask if someone has flowers or plants they would like to share. I’m not the best gardener at all and my Mom is coming for a long visit in April. By then our yard will be all ready for whatever planting we will do. I’m tired of making plans, making plans, making plans and not doing any of them. Of course the hold back is the money portion of things. It costs a lot to do landscaping – but starting next payday I am going to pick a couple of spots and get to work on them.

I think I will start with a couple of blueberry bushes for the backyard and the brick to go around our mailboxes. We plan on a half circle or maybe square and fill it with rock – we can’t plant anything because our mailbox post has been cemented into the ground, even though the other one hasn’t. But having just rock there will look nice.

Depending on the price of the brick, I may also buy enough to go around the tree in the front yard and the bushes also in the front. Thanks to the lawn care neighbor, we will also be getting some bark so that won’t have to be bought.

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