Searching Out Hotel Discounts

Since we travel only to go visit family, it’s been a while since we have had to find hotel discounts. Luckily for me, my parents always turn to me to find an inexpensive hotel for one of their trips. The latest was my Dad and he wanted to go to Vegas. We were planning his trip on short notice as he just all of a sudden decided he wanted to go to the National Finals Rodeo earlier in December. After I found his plane tickets, finding him a hotel proved to be a bit tougher.

Not because there are not online sites to find inexpensive hotel reservations, just that he couldn’t pick which one he wanted to stay at. He kept changing his dates and changing where he wanted to stay. He ended up not going at all (he didn’t buy the tickets, we just found that it wouldn’t be too expensive).

At this website for hotel reservations you can find great deals on hotels, motels and vacation packages. I played with the website because someday we would all like to go on a family vacation – and I am talking my Mom, brothers and all of our families. My Mom is hoping for next year so we all have some time to plan for it. I’d love to go on a family vacation that is a cruise – I know that won’t happen with my brothers, etc, because our family is just so large. But I want my husband and the kids and I go – I think we can even leave from the local port, which would be SO much nicer then having to drive or fly to one!

I plan on keeping an eye on the site because they seem to have great deals as well as rebates and specials. Once again, it’s worth it to shop around and find what you are looking for.

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