Reminded of Credit Card Debt

We were reminded of our credit card debt today. We had to call one company because they supposedly sent us a new credit card as the company was sold or the card was transferred. The representative was not helpful and in the end he canceled the not received new card which in turn canceled the card we have right now. Never mind that we don’t have that much room on the card, having it canceled until we get the new card isn’t fun!

He said we need to figure out a new plan to pay off the cards so we don’t feel that panic when something like this happens. It’s having that security of what if we “need” them that makes him feel that way, we really should have a savings account fully funded rather then having a little bit here and there.

Another lesson in debt management – or debt consolidation as the case may be. Part of me would love to get a great rate for a consolidation loan and get the car and credit cards paid off. It wouldn’t be hard to find a rate that would beat the credit cards, but we do have a good car loan rate.

I walked through the debthelp solution finder – very easy to use! I stopped before actually submitting the form because I didn’t want people actually contacting me about the various loans they offer (something you agree to when you submit). I like to be in control of the situation and would rather me call them. I did read a few of the articles on student loans (mine are still in deferment) and on credit cards, and the site also has various calculators available for your use.

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