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My husband is in the process of applying for a new job. It has taken us both quite a while to complete all of the paperwork – at least the past month or so. He also travelled for interviews and will have his last one this coming week. We are both excited for the chance at a new opportunity, though it is hard to not guess at what happens next.

Because of the new job, he has been finding professional associations that his field is affiliated with and has found two to join. Of course with these new groups comes a membership fee. It is hard for me to want to take the money and join these new groups since we are putting everything toward credit card bills. However, knowing that he needs the membership to make him be a better applicant, it is something that will pay off in the long run. The new job comes with a large pay raise and the opportunity to get back to the west cost ~ two things that giving up a little money now is worth.

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