Plumbing Costs

I called a plumber that we used before we moved – and he remembered me! I barely said my first name and he said “oh yeah you live in ___” – talk about shock of shocks! I basically decided I would go with them before I called because of past experience but him remembering me just sealed the deal.

There is a handful of plumbing issues we have and he quoted me $500. We also need to buy a faucet and have our renter pick it up from the store. The quote is more then I figured it would cost and I’m debating what to do, as usual.

The quote covered what I asked about – minus if a particular piece for the tub needs to be replaced, then the quote ups by $200. On one hand if that piece does need to be replaced that’s important and thus needs to be done. A few of the other things I could probably do without and can wait. The overall price could go up because multiple trips means more then one minimum payment. But we were not prepared for it to cost that much.

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