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We never got a cell phone until just a few years ago. Back in college I had a bag phone – you know, a car phone that was just about the same size as your house phone? LOL I got it when I went to college since the road I would take when I would go home was a highway, but not a well travelled one. The guy who sold us the phone (a small cell phone company in our area) didn’t tell the truth about the long distance and where I could or couldn’t call, thus we ended up getting charged a lot for the service. It was settled and I didn’t keep the phone for that long – or rather, the service. I actually still have the phone!

Once I was out of college and married, it felt like we should have bought stock in long distance calling cards. It really did! But it made sense – the cards were much cheaper then long distance with our phone and this was before VOIP (Voice Over IP) like Vonage, which we have now. I’m sure if I thought about it for a few minutes I would remember that calling card number because we just used the same on over and over, reloading minutes when need be.

Pingo is a service that is currently offering 4 hours of free International calls for either signing up with them, linking to them or joining their affiliate program. Pingo offers calling cards that on average can save you up to 90%! That is a huge savings. My DH had a friend living in Italy for years – she was studying opera – and would often call her. Well, when I say often I mean once a month or every other month. But I remember us having to recharge our calling card both before and after talking to her because the cost was just so expensive back then. If you need a prepaid long distance calling card definitely give Pingo a look – the rates look great and you can get a free $5 card for signing up.

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