Limits Raised – and why I need this site

I very rarely check our credit card accounts online. I typically check each one twice a month – on paydays when I am making a payment. I don’t track the finance charges though I do keep track of the interest rates.

And for whatever reason today, I checked both of them. I found a huge surprise ~ both of the credit cards that we have had the limits raised.

The Capital One we have has been raised 150%, up to $5K. The Visa we have has been raised by $500. I am floored that they were raised. For one thing, last year sometime we called Capital One and asked them to raise the limit – they said no. They said something along the lines of being new customers. Does a year make us old customers?

And why I need this site – I started this to figure out how I was going to make over our money. How we are going to. When I saw that the limits were raised my heart started pounding and you know what the first thing I thought was – “we can go out to eat tonight and put it on the card!”

Wow! Seriously, wow. I never would have thought I would react that way. Especially after this pay raise and us not using the credit cards for the past couple/few months.

Can I chalk it up to being hungry and not wanting to cook? Chalk it up to knowing how long it takes to make chicken enchiladas like I want to have?

I’m not sure. This is fate or karma or something shouting in my face. This is huge.

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