Joining the Y

We finally joined our local Y last week. We debated doing so last year but never got around to it. My husband recently quit smoking and drinking coffee and needed to have an outlet so working out it is! The application fee was waived (since we are military) and the family fee is manageable.

I’m just amazed at what is offered for classes, for both kids and adults, and how low the prices are for them. Here are a few comparisons:

Gymnastics – currently we pay $92.50 for each child to attend one class a week. At the Y the price is $62 for each child to attend two classes a week, the price drops to $42.

Swim Lessons – I’ve known I wanted the kids to have swim lessons for a few months now, and as members of the Y they are $30 cheaper then if we weren’t members. We do have a base pool with swim lessons available, and about $20 cheaper then the Y as members, but the base pool is 30-40 minutes away, vs the swim lesson location being about 15 minutes away.

The Y also offers soccer this fall, plus water aerobics which I will hopefully start this week.

I’m glad we finally made the decision to join the Y, we don’t exercise nearly enough and being in better shape and getting healthier will help during my pregnancy and labor.

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