Grocery Update For Two Months

I have been working really hard at not spending a lot on groceries since the beginning of January. We had so much food stored up that we only went grocery shopping one time during that month. We ended up spending $386 and were fine. We used a lot of what we had and at the end of the month we still had food in the freezer and pantry. However we also had $165 in dining out bringing our total to $551.

In February we had a lot of dining out expenses – due in part to my husband not taking leftovers or food for lunch/dinner for work.  We spent $376 on groceries but spent $296 on dining out. The majority of the dining out was lunches for him and the $8-$15 a day adds up very fast. Our total in February ended up being $672.

We have made the decision to eat out only twice in March. This is going to be harder on my husband because he doesn’t have a fridge available at work to save his food in. However, spending so much on dining out is not in any way a smart move. I am going to make larger portions of our meals and either freeze a portion for another day or send it to work with him.

Groceries remain a huge spending area for us but I am determined to get a handle on it in the next couple of months.

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