Got The Dryer

Well I got the new dryer today. I did take advantage of the sale that Sears was having and was in and out of the store in about 15 minutes! That included the pick up time, which I was glad only claimed to have taken 21 seconds. It fit in the van and we came home. I took the old dryer out of the laundry room and hooked up the new dryer. It was heavy but I took a break between each step (unhooking the old dryer, moving it, unboxing the new one, moving it, etc.).

I’m always proud of myself when I do something like that – I’ve always felt like a very capable person and this is just another thing that proves it.

I am going to list the dryer on freecycle – maybe someone else can figure out how to fix it even though I couldn’t. If not we will take it to the trash.

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