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We moved to an area that just about required a commute for a job. Not just any commute, a 45 minute on a great traffic day commute. Keep in mind that I was pregnant and was looking at temp jobs. Yep, they wanted me to commute at least 45 minutes a day to sub for someone. That was just not going to happen – so for the first time in my life, I did not have a job.

It was really hard being newly pregnant and in a new city. My husband had a new job that he had to get used to as well as new people to meet. It was harder on me as I was used to being very involved with my community and friends and to be shoved into a new environment was difficult. I wasn’t sure how to meet people and didn’t know where to start in getting involved in a new area.

A few months later I met other wives and began making friends. I still was not working as after we found that daycare for an infant would cost approximately $450 a month, we decided it wasn’t a good idea to work just to pay for that cost. The military is hard enough with the active duty person gone and we figured having a parent around all the time would be a good start. It was about a month or so before I had our daughter that I got online and involved with various yahoo groups – primarily local military wives groups. I met a couple of women in real life and still maintain a friendship years later.

It was through one of my friends that I joined my first direct sales companies. I went to a Tupperware party with a girlfriend and there was a special going on just then to join the company as an independent contractor. I thought it would be fun, Tupperware was well used and I figured it would be a good way to meet people. I quickly got caught up and ended up with a stock of Tupperware. I stuck around with the company for about two years, attending one conference, and finally quit. I sold some stock on ebay, gave some to family or friends as gifts and use quick a bit of it. I’m sure I still have one box left, which I need to just get rid of.

The next direct sales company I joined sold Italian charms and bracelets when they were ‘hot’ a few years ago. I bought a little stock to be sold at a fair I attended and did not do that well. I ended up selling the rest of my stock to friends and on ebay. I also joined a stationary company and did better then my other companies. I was my second best customer I know, I have always loved paper, journals and cards. I had more customers then in previous business’ but I finally realized that direct sales is not for me.

That isn’t to say that all direct sales companies are bad, one just has to realize what kind of company they are best suited for. Do not think you will be able to make a living selling to your friends or to the other parents in your children’s playgroups. Decide how you want your business run – full time or part time – and work it that way. I think people often have the misconception that direct sales is an easy way to make money.

Once I realized direct sales was not for me, I found online mentors, other work at home moms, who were making money online.

*Second in a series*

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