Financial Peace University Online

Over at Dimes to Dollars, she mentioned the chance to enroll in Dave Ramsey’s FPU online for free – and I jumped at that! I signed up and this weekend I’ve been watching and making notes. We are going to have a lot change for us financially over the next few months.

I’m just starting and they ask you to journal – on the honor system, but hey I’m here so let’s get started.

I was motivated to enroll because I love listening to Dave Ramsey – I agree with his way of thinking about finances and he way ‘clicked’ with me when I was looking for a financial person who had books available to read. I have tried others in the past but didn’t get the same feeling of ‘yes, exactly’ I did when I found Dave. I actually called into his show once too.

At this point I don’t have any goals for the program. I know to save, I know the baby steps he teaches. I think I’m just looking for reinforcement of that during our time of moving and being away from my husband for an extended amount of time. We have talked a little about our financial goals for when he is gone and I am nervous we won’t be able to meet them. I am sure we will – but the nervousness is there nonetheless.

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  1. dimes Says:

    I’m thrilled to hear someone signed up! I hope you find it helpful.