FAFSA and watch your tuition bills

Since it’s the end of January, it’s the perfect time to remind you to fill out your FAFSA! I always fill mine out the week or so after I’ve completed my taxes. I remember years ago when I would have to wait for myMom to do her taxes and that always annoyed me. The FAFSA is simple and easy to complete and it’s online so don’t delay.

And a quick reminder to keep a close eye on your tuition bills! My DH is in the process o needing his official transcripts from all the colleges he attended. We did not realize it but one school is claiming he owes money for tuition. This is obviously a mistake because he is in the military and has Tuition Assistance and also his GI Bill paying for school. In fact the college has said it is their fault.

But it comes down to us paying the difference that is owed right now and then being reimbursed. We will have to put this on a credit card and getting his official transcript is very important for a job he is applying for.

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