Budget for Paint

In our budget we had two line items for paint – one for paint and supplies and another for payment for the guys we are paying to help paint (friends of my husbands) and food for them. I went today to Lowe’s to buy the paint supplies – and walked away after spending $150, my budget was for $50.

I did a bad job of buying supplies. I accidentally bought the wrong size tape, I’m sure I bought too many rollers, and maybe too many roller holder things. I bought an extended roller, a HUGE one, but if we buy a ladder (which we need) will we need it? With a ladder you can just be up there close so maybe not. I did buy a few kits to repair holes in the walls, not technically in my initial paint budget and that added about $20, still I was WAY above what I thought I would spend.

I went through my items once, I’m going to go through them again tonight, search online for a recommended number of items (I know I can run into town and buy more, but that is a waste of time and gas) and talk to a couple of friends who have recently painted. I can’t imagine using everything we bought but I know if we keep everything, my husband will take the lazy route and use a new roller every time he needs one.

We still need paint! And we are down one person for painting because he has to work his day job. That stinks but it is one less person to pay and now it is essential that I help. I was hoping our friend’s wife would watch the kids for us or maybe a neighbor, but now I’m thinking they will be fine, plus we wouldn’t have to pay anyone to watch them. Sure having two kids underfoot might be tough, but they are old enough to listen and stay in one spot.

I knew it would cost, and it is a lot less then paying a company to paint, but I wasn’t ready for how much it would cost. Remembering how big the house is is key in a situation like this.

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