Back to more then minimum

Before the holidays I mentioned that we were only going to pay the minimum payment on our credit cards. We are now back to not doing so. We will pay double the minimum on both of them this month. Granted, that is still not that much considering the total bills. But we will get them paid off very soon since we are putting all of our tax refund toward the credit card bills.

We are debating what to pay on afterward. We know that by doubling our payment on the car we can cut down the life of the loan to one and a half years. But I still have a student loan. We did plan on doing the debt snowball though which means the car payment is next.

The hubs is getting a raise this month and I am starting to make money steadily. Anything extra will go toward credit cards (and then whatever is next) as we have decided to live off of what will be our old amount and put everything extra toward bills. I haven’t tried any calculators telling us what the payoff date will be once we do this, I’m going to try that now!

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