Accepting the Grocery Bill

The past few weeks I’ve been reading up on finances just about anywhere I could. I have never been a great coupon user and have felt so determined to cut our grocery bill and have been frustrated when it just didn’t happen. I’ve shared that we have been doing our grocery shopping at Costco and our bills are anywhere from $250-$350. We went yesterday and spent about $330 on groceries.

We are a family of four and though my kids are ‘only’ four and six years old they eat as much as adults do AND we are lucky to have them eat just about any and everything. No picky people in my house!

I suppose spending $150 a week on food that is good for you – we have little to no junk food in the house, drink organic milk, buy a few organic things, buy good meats, veggies and fruit, etc – is okay. We decided to stop drinking soda/pop whatever you call it and we did buy one bag of chips (but not at Costco) and I think that is all we have in the house.

I can accept $150 a week on a family of four, maybe now I can get over my want of coupon’ing.

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