Yesterday’s Mistake

All I have to say is trust no salesman, don’t buy anything from someone who just happens to stop by your house because they have extra of whatever they are selling and they are just trying to get home.

And definitely don’t buy it if the same amount would buy you a cheap laptop (there’s one on sale at WalMart for $398 starting Nov 5).

And finally, don’t buy it if the amount is such that you need to talk to your partner first.

Yep, I made all of those mistakes and so very foolishly, stupidly, and otherwise ended up paying $10.50/pound for meat.

Who cares if it is angus beef, restaurant trimmed, individually sealed, etc. $10.50/pound is flat out stupid and I fell for it.

Flat out the biggest money mistake I’ve made in a long time. Of course now I am feverishly working on making the money to make up that mistake. So far since yesterday I’ve made $42. At least it is something!

ETA: After spending what feels like all day worrying about this, and with the salesman not returning my calls, I decided I am going to cancel the charge on the credit card. I am fine with returning the meat and disgusted with the service and am over being disappointed in myself. Moving on!

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