Today – Yikes!

We made a point to leave the house in order to get to the library sale when it opened. We ended up being about 5 minutes late. I was so excited! Hopeful that the books we put back would somehow still be there. We bought a box and went on our way – each taking a child for about five minutes, until it was announced that kids corner was now open!

Man, that kids corner was simply the BEST idea ever. Lots of teenage girls volunteer to paint faces, paint nails, make a graham cracker cookie house, fill bottles with sand and another project that I can’t think of. And the reason it was the best ever – you didn’t have to stay with the kids! The volunteers watched them while you shopped!

I grabbed a few craft books, a couple of quilt books, and a candy cookbook that I wanted on Friday. Then the hubs found out that the “better book” section (about half of the room where the books were in much better condition then the rest – and priced accordingly) would also be going for $10/box! He stood in line for about ten minutes and made a beeline for the art section – there were a few that he wanted on Friday, until he realized they were $25/each or more. He managed to find two of the three books he looked at on Friday.

Two boxes, projects made of pretzels, graham cracker houses and painted faces later – we were off. Today was a nice day – cooler then it’s been in a while but downtown was crowded so we nixed walking around and instead went grocery shopping.

A quick stop for a bite to eat and a long stop at the playground later, we finally made it to the grocery store.

Our first mistake was using two carts. It was my intention to get the bathroom stuff (toothpaste, shampoo, etc) while DH get started on the groceries. Except we ended up together most of the time and thus bought a lot of stuff. Well, the justification comes from the soup being on sale, can beans being on sale, thanksgiving food already being out and on sale, halloween candy and also the coupons we found.

We only saved $6.25. But I am guessing we could go a month without shopping again. Our dinner tonight is also going to be lunch tomorrow, and we cut up the meat for fajitas tomorrow night. I am going to sit and plan this weeks menu probably tomorrow. We looked at the cookbooks the other day but of course when we went to the store today, we left the list so tried to remember what we knew was on the list – I know we didn’t get all of it.

Oh and we spent $368. Yeah, a month, at least.

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