Paycheck (mostly) spent

We got paid a mere four days ago and the paycheck is spent. Blah.

We realized that we have it good really – we make good money, we have a house, two cars, lots of food in the house.

So why can’t we get away from what little debt we have!

We are going to – again – look at where we are spending money. For me, it seems like we are just spending too much on food. We bought groceries the other day and spent over $350. Ugh! We had budgeted for $150. Luckily for us I had not yet sent an extra credit card payment in and we had money otherwise.

Of course, I’m thinking we won’t need to go food shopping for a month. The pantry and both freezers are stocked full.

Now we are down to not a lot until payday. We already had to use the credit card because DH’s classes start this week and he needs the books. We usually sell or trade the books though so it will pay off in the end.

I need to start bringing in more money then I am. I’m off to think of more ideas and ways to bring in extra cash fast – ebay is one thing, but I haven’t had the best luck selling kids clothes on there.

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