My Black Friday Shopping

So I went out on Friday. I braved what everyone said would be terrible traffic and grouchy people at the stores.

This was my first experience – and I was well prepared. I checked the online sites that had the ads already, made my list, re-wrote my list a few more times, checked online sales and checked again.

In the end I went to five stores, bought everything but four things that were on my list, only bought one thing that wasn’t (and it was a double of something that was on sale) AND I put things back because I had to STICK to the list!

My DH was very proud this time. :) We budgeted for our spending, knew what we were going to buy and how much it would cost. This was also a tax free weekend for the state (I assume for the state? Maybe just the area though, I’m not exactly sure) which helped a little bit.

And now 75% (or maybe more!) of my holiday shopping is complete!

Oh and this was my first BF shopping experience right – and I have to say I will go again! The traffic was completely fine, there was only one mildly grouchy person that I had to deal with. I left at 4:30 and was home by 9. And yes, it was worth it. :)

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