Gift giving plans

Since we live far away from our families, the holidays have always been hard. Hard to not go house to house to eat, not having a full house, a stream of visitors coming and going, various desserts to try out.

And the money situation. Lots of our friends go home (wherever their parents live) for the holidays. We haven’t because the midwest is usually under snow and my family doesn’t like the idea of me travelling with babies in that weather. LOL

Adding to the money, is gift buying. Of course I always send something to my parents, that’s a given. And my brothers. And their kids. And my best friend. And her kids. And … and…and

Well this year is different. This year my brother’s and their families are getting family gifts (like I’ve said every other year…) and I’m almost done with them already. My parents are always tough to buy for.

And fitting money into that – we are only making a little more then minimum payments. We are in a different situation then MANY personal finance/debt repayment bloggers are. We don’t owe that much, but to us it feels like a huge amount. So we will pay a little more then minimum and then save the rest for Christmas gifts.

I feel fine doing that because 1 – the credit cards will still be paid for, 2 – we won’t spend that entire amount on gifts which means 3 – we can make a large payment after Christmas!

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